The Vital Role of Community Care Services

Individuals eligible for community care services must meet specific medical, financial, and functional criteria similar to those required for nursing home care under Medicaid. The objective is to provide services and resources that support individuals in remaining part of the community for as long as possible.×280&!6&btvi=3&fsb=1&dtd=95384

Eligible individuals may include:

  • People with disabilities
  • Individuals with mental or physical illnesses
  • People with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Older adults
  • Those unable to perform two or more daily living tasks

Community Care Assessment Process

Obtaining an assessment is straightforward. If you or someone you know requires help, you can contact your community services department for a community care assessment. This can be initiated by the individual themselves, a carer, friend, or professional.

You, your doctor, family member, or friend can reach out to the Commonwealth Carelink Center or your local HACC services coordinator to discuss your needs and arrange an assessment.

Home and community care services are convenient, flexible, and tailored to individual needs and preferences. Some services are available around the clock, ensuring continuous support.×280&!7&btvi=4&fsb=1&dtd=95381

To learn about available services and the assessment process, contact a healthcare professional or a local community care company. While some provincial health care schemes may cover certain services, payment or supplemental insurance coverage may be necessary for others.

Conducting the Assessment

A care professional, such as a therapist, social worker, or nurse, will conduct the assessment, potentially eliminating the need for multiple assessments from different organizations. The assessment may be completed over the phone, through self-assessment with local system support, or in person at the individual’s home.

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